The company is run by a Committee of Officers who are appointed at the A.G.M. They attend to the business of the company and must offer themselves for re-election annually. Membership of the Committee is open to all members.

Rehearsal Nights

The group meets at 7.30pm on Friday nights at St Andrews Church Hall, Bentley. The producer tries to ensure everybody has something to do at all times during rehearsals but it is not always possible. There is a break for refreshments (which also allows the voice to rest) after which rehearsals continue until approximately 10pm.

Nearer the show we sometimes have additional rehearsals as required in order to polish the show but these are arranged as needed and worked around member availability as best as possible. They usually take place on a Sunday when needed. To ensure chorus members don't get bored in Friday evening rehearsals, the company choose to have seperate rehearsals on Monday evenings with the principals.

Meetings are intended for members to have fun, a laugh and enjoy performing but at the same time a certain level of seriousness is required to ensure we meet show dates. If you'd like to join us why not drop us an e-mail or use the contact form on our contact us page. Current membership options and fees are shown below.

Maybe you don't like being on stage? Why not join us as an "off-stage" member. This type of membership allows help behind the scenes, refreshments, sound and lighting or technical and costumes etc. It is necessary for us to charge for all membership in order to ensure that all persons are covered by our liability insurance whilst in rehearsals.

Membership Types

Membership is invited under two main categories:

"On Stage" and "Off Stage" members

Applications are welcomed from anybody but all applications are forwarded to the committee who must then approve them.

For those wishing to join us on stage The committee will arrange the necessary auditions with the applicant at an agreed date/time, following which a decision will be made as to whether to approve their application for On Stage membership. Approval will depend on our requirements for the current show and a satisfactory performance during auditions. If unsuccessful the applicant will be told why it has not been possible to approve their membership.

If the committee are not able to offer On Stage membership It may still be possible for the applicant to join us as an Off Stage member (allowing Backstage work, set building, refreshments, sound/lighting etc) until an opportunity arises to be able to offer On Stage membership.

How do I join?

If you wish to join us, you can either simply turn up on a Friday night at the hall just before 7.30pm to introduce yourself to the group & ask to speak to a member of the committee then tell them you are interested in joining. Alternatively, you can either drop us an e-mail with a little detail about previous experience, who you are, why you'd like to join & type of membership you are interested in. We will then be in touch to invite you along at a time convenient for both us and you. As stated above all membership will be subject to committee approval.

WMTC Committee


Mike Barlow


John Arnold

Vice Chairman

Alf Rai


Colin Hunt


Barbara King

Ticket Secretary

Chris Spittle


Daniel Haddon

Kelly Ashman

Kay Corbett

Kate Webber

Carol Burgess

Trevor Law

Abbie Rai

Jenni Rullan